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[Camino Guide] Packing list: Santiago de Compostela

In October I am planning to walk my fourth Camino, but it is only the second time on Camino Frances. I am still way more experienced than my fellowship, where I bring to of my friends, and I don’t think they ever walked more than 10K maximum in a day in their lives - sorry guys.

We have created this blog together, and I promised them, that the first post would be a Camino Packing List. Let me start off by telling, that most people bring way to much stuff. The ones with the lightest backpacks are usually the ones with the least complaints.

Packing list:

The recommendation is, that your backpack should weigh around 10% of you total bodyweight. So is not a lot, but it is enough, because the Camino Santiago is a very civilized trail with a lot of people, and you really don’t need a lot to survive there.

The thing I have missed the most the two first times I walked a Camino was actually a smartphone. People are afraid to get lost when they walk, but that is almost impossible, so don’t bring it just because of the GPS.

A good smartphone saves you a lot of space because it can both be you music player, camera, GPS and if it is a really good one, it can easily be used for writing blogs on. You can find a perfect fit to you on SmartphonesRevealed.

Basic equipment

I am a huge fan of the minimalistic travelers, so here is a very short list:

- Backpack - Pack it lightweight!

- Shoes - I recommend hiking-sandals instead of big heavy boots!

- Sleeping bag - I could already stop the list here

- 2-3 sets of clothes - You can quickly wash your clothes every second day. There are washing machines, and you just split the machine with your fellow hickers

- Towel and toilet bag with all the necessary stuff like a toothbrush. There are many people who have all the equipment to take care of blisters, but if you easily get them, you can bring that as well. A good book! :D

- Smartphone

- Passport

That should be all. I brought way to many things the first time I walked the Camino, and everything is so much easier if you travel light.